Marketing & Business Development

The oil palm industry's strength also lies in the CPO's unique composition which makes it versatile in its application in the food and non-food industries, its non-cholesterol quality and digestibility, and its stability at high temperatures which makes it ideal as a deep frying medium. All this brings about the increasing acceptability of palm oil over other edible oil products in local and world markets.

The wide range of uses for palm oil, coupled with Plots Investment Group’s central location in the rapidly growing Asia Pacific economic region, ensures a strong world market for Plots Investment Group’s products in the long term.

For the Futures
Indonesia ’s population of more than 230 million constitutes a huge domestic market. Population growth and an increase in disposable income are already leading to rapid market growth. With the Plots Investment Group marketing operation already well regarded by world commodity traders, the company’s marketing team is currently developing national branding strategies for institutional market.

Regional markets, in particular China, India and Middle East countries, offer an opportunity to extend Plots Investment Group’s domestic marketing strategies and to develop a strong market position in the world’s fastest growing economic region.
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